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An exclusive lawyer

“Legal Concierge”

Law Company CC IUSTITA strives to adapt to the changing legal environment and the expectations of its clients.

With this in mind, we have carried out our own analyses, including listening to the comments and demands of our clients.

Thus, we would like to offer an innovative, unique and personalised service, which is undoubtedly the “Exclusive Lawyer”.

This is essentially the service of a dedicated lawyer to provide ongoing ad hoc assistance. However, what is important about this service is that the client’s matters are handled not just by one lawyer, but by a whole team of lawyers.

An exclusive lawyer is first and foremost a comprehensive legal service consisting in providing the client with ongoing legal assistance in all major spheres of his or her private and professional life, as well as support in other spheres of everyday life related to the law.

Regardless of where the client is, at what time and place, when he needs a specific legal service, he does not have to look for a lawyer or a law firm. All he needs to do is to contact a dedicated lawyer who will take the necessary action both on his own, as well as commissioning another lawyer from our team to carry out specific legal actions and activities.

An urgent need for legal advice in the area of family law, you have been detained by the police, you are facing a fine, you need a quick analysis of a Contract, you need a legal consultation, you have received a summons, you have a problem with the authorities, etc.

With the Lawyer Exclusive service, you will no longer have the problem of quickly resolving sudden problems, inconveniences or unexpected events and situations.

The second pillar of the service is the so-called Legal Concierge. Your dedicated lawyer will help you find the right notary on the spot cooperating with our Office, a translator or a sworn translator, an architect or any other place when you need it. We will do our best to meet all your expectations.

For example, you want to build a house or buy a flat. All you need to do is get in touch with a dedicated lawyer: you will receive immediate legal support from him or her and, as part of our Legal Concierge service, we will help you organise a notary, an architect, a construction manager, an interpreter, help you obtain documents and so on.

We stipulate that the catalogue of support offered under Legal Concierge includes only those services that are in keeping with the dignity of the legal profession.

Within the framework of the Lawyer Exclusive service, we will also help you to find appropriate services from the legal field and support abroad.

This way, you never have to deal with things on your own, we will always accompany and support you.

In addition, the contact person – a dedicated lawyer, we will make sure that it is always the same person because we know from experience that a familiar and trusted person gives extra comfort and a sense of security.

As part of our legal support, we offer comprehensive legal advice in all areas of private, family and professional life.

This advice will cover, in particular, areas such as:

  • Family law, property relations and matrimonial property regimes,
  • Inheritance law,
  • Consumer law,
  • Insurance law,
  • Economic and commercial advice,
  • Negotiations, Settlements,
  • Contract law,
  • Employment law,
  • Compensation advice,
  • Canon law (ecclesiastical),
  • Risk analysis (due diligence),
  • Ongoing legal advice,
  • Civil law,
  • Land registry
  • And many others.
  • A flexible feature of this service is its individualised expression of adaptation to the specific needs and requirements of the client.

The Exclusive Lawyer and Legal Concierge service is primarily addressed to a specific group of clients who have the highest expectations such as managers, board members and supervisory board members, business owners, property owners, creators, artists and other public figures.

We believe that our business is a mission and a continuous path to self-improvement. However, it is thanks to you that our services change, adapting to your needs and expectations.

Thus, we are constantly striving to offer you newer and newer legal solutions, as we believe that the comfort of your choice best realises our values.

We invite you to contact our Law Firm and we will surely find together the best and convenient solution for you.

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