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About US

The establishment of the CC IUSTITA Canon and Civil Law Office took place in 2009.
The impulse for the opening of the Law Office was the determination to create a new form of legal assistance primarily for medium and small entrepreneurs and individual clients.

Our golden rule is to treat each client individually, so that he knows that regardless of the situation he has contact with his lawyer and can count on his help. We know from practice that many times entrepreneurs or individuals using the services of large law firms do not have full contact with their lawyer.

In our law firm, each client can always make a convenient appointment with a lawyer to discuss their questions or problems in a relaxed and non-stressful atmosphere over a cup of coffee or tea.

Each lawyer thoroughly and individually analyses all legal problems and examines them according to the current state of the law looking for the most convenient solution for our Client. If necessary, the client of our law firm may take advantage of our assistance in the form of telephone advice, videoconferencing or through the exchange of email correspondence.
Our lawyers can also travel to the client if the order requires it or if the client’s state of health makes it impossible to reach the Office.

An additional advantage is that our law firm specialises in assisting in ecclesiastical matters by having ecclesiastical attorneys proficient in their profession. We know how difficult and many times complex and delicate ecclesiastical matters such as the annulment of an ecclesiastical marriage are.

We specialise in drafting all kinds of contracts with special clauses, we have the satisfaction of registering more than 90 companies in Poland where the articles of incorporation were specially designed by us so as to avoid possible problems and inconveniences in the future.

 One of our specialisations is also corporate and legal services for companies (legal support in the operation of a company) and assistance with the National Court Register – we help to fill in the forms so that we are able to shorten the registration procedure to a minimum.

We cooperate with and carry out assignments for clients from all over the world, many of them from very exotic countries – especially in the field of registration of companies in Poland, and especially from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, France and Korea.

Our lawyers communicate perfectly with our clients in English and to some extent in German.

For our clients, we have a cooperating:
– Notary’s Office;
– A Patent Office;
– A Translation Bureau with sworn translators in almost all of the major languages of the world

And others including qualified lawyers specialising in specific legal areas.

We see the law as an inspiration that we wish to develop and promote and we also wish to provide assistance to those who need it. We approach each problem creatively and professionally because we know that this is what is expected of us. Our law firm also has cooperating law firms and entities which allow our clients to receive comprehensive services adequate to their expectations.

For us, our work is a passion


Professional Value

The most important thing is YOU so we always listen to your needs and expectations. We offer professional services dedicated specifically to your needs. So that you can save time and devote yourself to your family, your passions, what is most important to you.

Combative Values

We take all action for your benefit with ambition and enthusiasm. We act with strong determination according to the principle: Justice will be done even if the end of the world should come. We are goal-oriented.

Behavioural Values

We are always ready to listen and understand you and are open to suggestions. We build trust and positive communication so that you know that every problem is important and a priority for us regardless of its severity.

Society Values

We are socially responsible and committed to "law closer to the people"

Relational Values

You are not only a customer but also a partner whom we treat with respect and openness. Confidentiality is our highest priority.

Fulfilling Values

Each of our employees handles each problem in a human way. We require each of our lawyers to continually self-improve and develop on various levels.

Moral Values

We are honest and responsible - we tell it like it is, we assess the case so that you know the different aspects of it. We say no, to pressing for a trial - we are open to mediation.

Social Values

Patriotism is our greatest value, which is why we engage in and support projects for young people and for the development of Poland.

We are a participant in the Programme

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