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Adam Wandel – founder of the law firm

Adam Wandel is a legal counsel (attorney at law) registered in the list of legal counsels kept by the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Katowice under number KT 4808, a church attorney, a permanent court mediator and a RODO inspector.

He graduated from the Henryk Sienkiewicz XII High School in Warsaw. Already then, he was very interested in legal issues. He repeatedly participated in simulated trials and appeared at open court hearings, including those of the Constitutional Tribunal. Finishing his high school education in 2004, he enrolled at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw at the Faculty of Canon Law. Throughout his five-year studies, he explored the subject matter and topics of canon law and secular law, participated in many conferences, additional activities and internships, and was a senior of the year for several years.

His greatest interests are the secular institutes and matrimonial law. He completed his studies in 2009 with the defence of his Master’s thesis entitled “Formation in secular institutes preceding definitive incorporation”, written under the supervision of well-known and respected Professor Julian Kałowski, MIC, PhD, with a very good grade. After defending his master’s thesis, wishing to deepen his knowledge, he began his doctoral studies at the same faculty. He has now completed his doctoral year and has had his dissertation topic approved by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Canon Law, UKSW, entitled “The Value of Expert Opinions in Cases for the Annulment of Marriage Conducted in the Bishop’s Court in Włocławek under the 1983 Code of Canon Law”. At the same time, during his studies at the Faculty of Canon Law, he opened a parallel study at the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw, which he completed in 2014 by defending his Master’s thesis entitled. “Means of proof in cases of divorce and cases of annulment of ecclesiastical marriage”, written under the supervision of the recognised authority of Professor Doctor Habilitated Karol Weitz.

From 2007 to 2009, he was an intern in a recognised and award-winning law firm “Marek Musioł Kancelaria Prawnicza”, where he had the opportunity to polish his knowledge and acquire new skills not only in Polish law, but also in international law.

His work as a trainee included drafting contracts, legal advice, analysis of case files, analysis of judgments, writing claims, writing appeals and appeals to public authorities, participation in court hearings, participation in mediations, due diligence, participation in transformation and merger processes and transactions, provision and preparation of documentation, as well as other office work. Preparation of draft opinions and plans for transformations and mergers. Contact with courts and other authorities.

In 2010, he served his apprenticeship at the Metropolitan Court in Włocławek under the supervision of the Honourable Prof. Janusz Gręźlikowski. He has been a nominated advocate at the Bishop’s Court in Włocławek continuously since 2010, which is confirmed by the relevant nomination document for the Client’s inspection. He has also conducted cases in all other Ecclesiastical Tribunals in the Republic of Poland and in particular in : Warsaw Metropolitan Court, Spiritual Court in Poznań, Bishop’s Court in Częstochowa, Bishop’s Court in Łowicz, Bishop’s Court in Płock and others.

He has extensive litigation experience in ecclesiastical, business, commercial and civil matters. His main interests and specialisation are commercial law including corporate services and contract drafting, capital transactions and ecclesiastical marriage annulment cases.


He was an expert in law writing articles for the DZIENNIKA.pl website.

He was also an expert in the field of law writing articles and providing legal assistance on a large scale for the recognised website BiznesMentor.pl

Adam Wandel’s achievements and activities have been recognised by the world-renowned Who is Who publishing company, which publishes one of the most recognisable lexicons in the world on the biographies of eminent persons. We are pleased to announce that Adam Wandel has joined the elite Who is Who community and his biography will be included in the lexicon published for 2014 among many well-known personalities.

At the same time, Adam Wandel gives to charity and supports the most needy. Once a year, by Adam Wandel’s decision as owner of the CC IUSTITA law firm, one non-profit organisation, a foundation with charitable activities or an institution for the benefit of the needy or sick is supported.

Adam Wandel is also a co-founder of the “Polish Society of Friends of St. Hildegard” – a lot of information about the association can be found at http://www.hildegarda.edu.pl/.

Since September 2012, Adam Wandel’s commitment, knowledge and skills have been recognised as he has been given the opportunity to provide legal services to the recognised international corporation DODOXPOL Sp. z o.o., which prepares prestigious exhibition stands at the world’s largest exhibitions and fairs for world-renowned brands, and has been entrusted with the function of General manager of the legal affairs and commercial of The DODOXPOL Sp. z o.o.


His responsibilities included the development of the legal department, international representation and commercial negotiations, ongoing legal and corporate services, court representation and, last but not least, ongoing analysis of the company’s operations and supervision and interaction with the management. DODOXPOL Sp. z o.o. is an international and recognised exhibition company building trade fair and exhibition stands at the world’s largest exhibitions for recognised market players and others. Hence, his duties also included legal supervision of ongoing projects and legal negotiations at both national and international level, together with ensuring legal security at stand construction sites in case of unforeseen events. In addition, he took on the role of company proxy.

In 2013 Adam Wandel gained valuable experience by taking up the position of junior lawyer in the legal department of Cyfrowy Polsat.

His duties included taking care of the up-to-dateness of the legal status for various spheres of the Company’s activities, analysis of agreements and bylaws, writing pleadings including lawsuits, complaints, complaints, etc., responses to court summonses, draft agreements and bylaws, making changes in the National Court Register and other registers including preparation of documentation and relevant applications, support of the legal department and other departments as well as a number of other activities. Supervision of ongoing proceedings including review of court and registration files with recommendation of actions, contact with external law firms and other entities. Ongoing legal and corporate support. Also responsible for participation in the preparation of agreements including DTH agreements and others related to arrangements between TV operators and others with emphasis on the area of intellectual property rights protection.

In the period 2015 – 2017, he became interested in the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology. This resulted in the co-founding of Chasehill Holdings Limited, an international company offering BITCOIN ATMs and an innovative system for making payments using BITCOIN cryptocurrency. He was also involved in the development of an application for making payments using BITCOIN cryptocurrency.

In the period 2016 – 2017, he was entrusted with the function of proxy in SORRO Sp. z o.o.. The tasks that were set before him were to put the Company’s legal affairs in order, including the completion of ongoing proceedings such as land and mortgage register proceedings, the regularisation of the legal status of real estate. Preparation of the Company for an investment transaction of acquisition by another entity.

In the period 2015 – 2017, he provided legal services to Prywatna Przychodna Lekarska “ŻYCIE” S.C. Zbigniew Zbonikowski, Beata Zbonikowska, Ewelina Zbonikowska, Monika Leszko. His duties included legal supervision, consideration of the legitimacy of patients’ claims and replies to them, consideration of complaints, organisation of documentation, establishment of rules and regulations, instructions and other internal and external letters and documents, ongoing legal services including preparation of legal opinions, legal positions, preparation of draft agreements, negotiations, exchange of correspondence with administrative bodies and judicial and extrajudicial representation. The activities undertaken were in the area of medical and civil law.

In the second half of 2016, he took up the position of an independent lawyer (in-house lawyer) at the Capital Foundation for the Self-Governing Poland Programme. His responsibilities included full legal service to the Foundation, including in particular: legal advice on current matters related to the Foundation’s activities; drafting of legal opinions; preparation of draft agreements, letters and drafts of other documents; analysis of draft agreements, letters and drafts of other documents submitted by the Foundation; participation or representation of the Foundation in negotiations conducted with business partners, banks and other entities and third parties; cooperation with entities providing advisory services to the Foundation, preparation of minutes, resolutions and other legal documents and other legal duties.


At the same time, he also became a board member – Secretary at the National Senior Citizens’ Committee Foundation belonging to the “Self-Governing Poland” group. His duties included external representation of the Board, organising conferences, including giving talks and lectures. Among his internal duties, he provided legal advice to the Board and other Foundation bodies, prepared minutes and provided legal services to Foundation bodies. Externally, he conducted talks and negotiations, including with local authorities (Presidents, Mayors and Mayors), government administration (Ministers, Secretaries and Undersecretaries of State), the function of spokesman for the Board and the implementation of initiatives of the Board and other bodies. The National Senior Citizens’ Committee developed the “Senior 2030” Programme with the participation of local government units and the substantive and intellectual support of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. It is composed of the most eminent representatives of various scientific fields, including Prof. Michał Kleiber, MD, PhD, Prof. Piotr Błędowski, MD, PhD, Jacek Kubica, MD, PhD, Wojciech Maksymowicz, MD, PhD, Aleksander Araszkiewicz and many others. The above-mentioned programme, which was developed by an interdisciplinary scientific body, is intended to be a driving force for the Polish economy by targeting the needs of senior citizens.

At the same time, within the aforementioned capital group, he assumed the position of Vice President of the Management Board in EURO-SENIOR HERBARIUM Sp. z o.o. Legal control function – responsibility of the legal division in the management and legal support in the implementation of the investment in the construction of luxury residence facilities for seniors. Joint action with the Board of Directors and development of a strategy of action, legal support in investment procedures, development of contracts, contact with local authorities, contractors and other entities. Taking all necessary measures and initiatives.

In October 2017, he took up the position of Coordinator for Legal and Medical Affairs of Night and Christmas Healthcare at the Medical Centre of the Warsaw Medical University in Warsaw, carrying out the responsible task of ensuring legal support and the implementation and supervision of the Centre’s provision of night and Christmas healthcare services. As part of his project, Adam Wandel prepared legal support for N&H facilities by developing procedures and legal mechanisms, exercised direct supervision over the facilities and staff, supervised all aspects of the facilities’ operation, ensured contact and legal and factual cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the National Health Fund, Hospitals and other entities. A number of other duties, including reviewing and assessing the validity of patient complaints and other letters.

Adam Wandel is a member of the Association of Polish Canonists associating all ecclesiastical attorneys based on the decision of the Association’s Board of Directors of 13 June 2018.

In June 2018, he completed a course in judicial and extrajudicial mediation in the economic, civil, family, divorce and quasi-divorce areas. The course lasted 40h and was completed with a successful examination and the issuing of a certificate.

Then, in July 2018, he completed a specialised course in the area of family mediation – 40h and civil and economic mediation – 24h. Both courses were completed with an exam successfully passed and a certificate issued.

At the beginning of August, he received the prestigious recommendation of the Mediation Centre of the International Development Institute Synergy in the standards of the Professional Competence Certificate of Conflict Resolution as a certified civil, family, economic and labour mediator from the list of the above-mentioned centre.

Based on Adam Wandel’s application and the decision of the President of the Court, he was entered, as of 6 August 2018, on the list of permanent mediators at the District Court Warsaw – Law in Warsaw.

In March 2019, Adam Wandel took up the position of Director of Legal and Administrative Affairs of the international Bravecare Group operating in the area of broadly defined care and home care for elderly people both in homes, public institutions and others.

In 2023, he took the professional examination to obtain the title of legal counsel within the jurisdiction of the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Katowice, passing the examination in accordance with Resolution 56/2/2023 of 19 May 2023. Examination Board No. 2 for the examination of legal advisers.

Subsequently, he was entered on the list of legal counsels under the number KT 4808 kept by the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Katowice in accordance with the Resolution of 10 July 2023.

His responsibilities include supervision of the entire legal area, individual group companies, giving legal initiatives, conducting audits, international cooperation, support and legal service of the Group Management Board and individual Company Management Boards, negotiations, internal (corporate) and external legal service in the broad sense, supervision of individual legal units, court representation. A number of other legal and factual duties arising from the position covered.

At the same time, since 2014 Adam Wandel has been acting as an assistant legal advisor and lawyer in the Law Office of Legal Advisor Paweł J. Wróblewski providing legal services to the Law Office and its Clients in a broad sense from providing legal advice, preparation of pleadings and pre-litigation, drafting of lawsuits, appeals, cassation complaints and other legal remedies, functioning in the area of commercial and corporate law in the field of legal services, mergers, transformations, commercial transactions, mergers and civil division.

In July, he completed a professional licensed course organised by the award-winning organisation ODO24 on becoming a Data Protection Officer. The course comprised a five-day training course culminating in an exam and a certificate, which Adam Wandel received..

In connection with the international activities of the Bravecare Group, he has undergone specialised legal training in the area of European law on the broadly understood posting of workers to Germany, which has been confirmed by a relevant certificate issued by the German-Polish Chamber of Commerce (AHK) based in Warsaw.

Adam Wandel is an uncommon person, able to find a solution to even the most difficult problem. He is always smiling and has a positive attitude to life. He has never refused to help anyone. He is ambitious and dedicated to his cause. He loves books and travelling. He believes that nothing is impossible. The legal matters in which he specialises are commercial and corporate law, civil law – with an emphasis on contracts, press and copyright law as well as ecclesiastical matrimonial law and the law of secular institutes and consecrated life.


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