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Offer for entrepreneurs

From the beginning of the Firm’s existence, an important area of providing legal assistance and services has been the business sphere.

Poland has been developing dynamically for many years, thanks to the fact that we are in the European Union we enjoy the freedom of movement of capital, people and services.

At the same time, a wide river of grants and subsidies is flowing for young entrepreneurs and for innovative technologies and ideas.

To meet these expectations, we have created a wide range of support for business.

Our Law Firm offers comprehensive support in establishing companies, from the drafting of the articles of association, through a visit to the notary public if required (we cooperate with our own notary office, which has individual rates for our clients) to the registration of the company with the National Court Register and other offices (vat and other).

At the same time, the firm offers services in the field of day-to-day corporate services to companies, including in particular the preparation of draft resolutions of company bodies, the organisation and conduct of general and shareholders’ meetings, as well as meetings of supervisory boards and management boards.

Lawyers of the firm provide legal support for processes related to the establishment, merger, transformation and liquidation of commercial law companies and in the scope of sanitation and bankruptcy proceedings.

The firm provides legal assistance in all activities related to changes in the amount of share capital, changes in the ownership composition of the company and changes in the composition of the bodies of companies and partnerships.

Our offer is dedicated primarily to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and freelancers, artists and persons conducting business activities.

We offer comprehensive legal services as well as packages of legal services including legal advice and full legal and business consultancy, preparation of legal opinions, analysis and drafting of contracts, debt collection and enforcement and many other legal services tailored to the specific entrepreneur in order to maximise the effect of the legal support.

Our clients have access to a co-operating notary public, a translation agency and sworn translations.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of services to meet expectations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a specific offer or if you have any questions.

Why does good and professional legal assistance have to be expensive?

We believe that it does not have to be.

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